The brain is growing thanks to maternity

For many women motherhood is the greatest period in their lives, for which they are waiting with longing. It turns out that a woman derives from it some additional benefits.

What kind of benefits? Scientists from the U.S. Yale University proved that. A study shown that brains of women, who have just had a baby, are growing. It is obvious that their emotional sphere is developing, the discovery is that the area responsible for the motivation and protective behavior are noticeably increasing. Centers of those behaviors are the prefrontal cortex, parietal lobes, as well as elements of the midbrain.

Those areas are becoming bigger and bigger with time. Those facts were confirmed by tests that scientists carried out at a distant time. The first test took place two weeks after birth, and the second about 3 months after birth. During this time, the brain of a young mother made unprecedented progress. Now, researchers raise the question, what has a decisive impact on this process? Higher level of hormones that come to the fore after the birth or the strong interaction of mother and child. Causes will be known for sure after examination of women, which will include mothers who decided to adopt the child.


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