Obesity is destructive to the brain

Obesity is a serious threat to the brain. If left untreated, can act destructively on the brain. This conclusion comes from recent research published in "Human Brain Mapping".

Text prepared by scientists, who were conducting research on the brains of obese people, indicates that consequences of untreated, permanent obesity are terrible. Destructive processes may lead to many brain diseases, including Alzheimer.

This is the result of shrinking and aging of the brain. With the loss of brain tissue, the man is gradually deprived of ability to concentrate and memorizing, as well as planning and implementing these plans. A loss can irreversibly affecst up to 8 percent of the brain tissue. It is hard to stop this process. Not only that the brain is gradually decreasing, it is also aging faster than the brain of lean individuals.

Normally, a healthy human brain enters a phase of aging after 20 years of age. When it comes to obesity acquired during childhood the brain of a twenty-year old can even sixteen years older than his or her peers’ brains.

Such processes are no good for the brain. Rapidly experienced changes generate incurable disease. To avoid them, one should tackle with excess pounds. Obese man very seldom can boast of a good health. Mostly because one has to come to terms with heart disease, asthma, diabetes and even cancer. Now, diseases of the central nervous system can be added to the list of threats.


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