Cyber-knife effectively removes brain tumor

Modern medicine is nothing like this from the past. It reflects more our vision of science fiction field, and the proof of it is a crucial invention - cyber-knife.

This is an excellent method of radio-surgery involving the removal of a brain tumor with a laser precision of robot’s arm. It does not require the use of a scalpel, but an efficient computerized navigation. First of all, it is non-invasive, but equally effective as the traditional solution. Additionally, it is more secure because it do not cause complications. It is beneficial for the patient due to a number of advantages.

First of all, in the case of cyber-knife surgery:

• patient is not subject to general anesthesia,
• hospitalization is not required,
• the method takes care of the aesthetic, leaves no disfiguring scars,
• it is painless,
• the duration of treatment is 30-60 minutes, not several hours.

Before performing surgery, the patient does not have to pass a suitable preparation. The operation is performed inside the machine, which resembles a computer tomography. Patients lie on a table, to which they are securely fastened. Then they enter a special helmet, in which a key moment of the operation is taking place. Beam, individually matched to each patient, bombards the tumor, destroying it effectively.

Cyber-knife creates a chance of cancer treatment that had previously been classified as inoperable, so incurable.


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